Thanks to all of those who have posted tips on the class blog. Remember that your posts need to be helpful to your peers (to get credit for the 10% blog grade), so posting them 20 minutes before the Final Website is due on Wednesday won’t help! I suggest you post today or tomorrow if you have not already.

Also, please remember that accessibility is part of the requirement for your Final Website. We’ve talked about this a lot in class, but people can post ideas about this as well.

Finally, if you have created a new website for your Final Website, please link it to your old blog (the old blog that is linked here). It may be that you’ve revised your old blog, in which case I already have the address. Tracking down your Final Website by going through the class blogs will be more dependable for me than sorting through emails (that you may forget to send, and which may end up in my spam file).

I’m looking forward to your sites.



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