The Internet…What is Real and What is Someone Else’s.

The internet is tricky. People use it because it’s faster than having to search for information in books. Any and everything is on the internet. It can be hard to know what someone took from someone else because not everyone takes the time to find the source. In my opinion plagiarism is all over the internet. Plagiarism and the internet go hand in hand. People see something they like and they take it for their own. Almost everything that is written on the internet has multiple authors but the person who puts it all together does not always give credit to the other authors. It’s hard to know what is taken from someone else and what is an original idea. There is so much out there, that ideas start to blend together.

Plagiarism is in blogs, music, youtube videos, pictures, it’s practically in everything. Since everyone has access to things that are put on the inter enter they can steal other people’s lives if they wanted to. Everyone has to be careful because what they post to a social network  or even using an online tax site can be accessed by someone in a different country. No one’s ideas are safe on the internet. Sometimes, even if their ideas aren’t on the internet.


2 responses to “The Internet…What is Real and What is Someone Else’s.

  1. Hi Chloe. I like that you used a clip plagerized about plagerism to illustrate a point about… plagerism. iI’m not sure much of what most would think is plagerism on the internet really isn’t. Linking to another site is used all of the time, and if you send someone to the real site where you got your information, then this is genuine and isn’t even close to claiming their information as your own. I think it’s important to “show your work.” Show where you got what info. I think this might make writing for the net easier than writing on paper because citation could become easier.

    Your ideas on identitiy theft scare me.

  2. The idea of identity theft as plagiarism is super-interesting! I’m wondering, too, if the internet doesn’t teach us a bit about the value of writing that has no clear author…

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