Plagiarism and the Internet

In my mind, compared with traditional media forms, the Internet is the one that may let people neglect the issue of plagiarism easily. When we surf the Internet, we usually want to get the information we need and seldom have time to pay attention to whether this source plagiarizes others. From the view of intellectual property rights, of course the issue of plagiarism should be valued and any kind of plagiarism should be stopped. But as I see, due to the particularity of the Internet and Netizens, the form of citations can be simplified. Once a source can be indicated as the one quoted from a certain place, I think it is enough for the Internet.

Actually, to be honesty, I have to say the online situation of plagiarism in the U.S. is much better than China. In some Chinese websites, the issue of plagiarism is usually ignored. Netizens seldom think about this and consider it as a crucial problem. The prevention of online plagiarism still has a long way to go.


2 responses to “Plagiarism and the Internet

  1. That’s exactly right; I often mindlessly browse the Internet searching for the exact information I need, unconcerned with where or who the information is coming from. That is interesting about china! Another classmates post about plagiarism made me wonder about “everyday information” that we use such as weather, jokes, etc. do we have to cite the sources where we find that information when sharing with others like on Facebook or twitter? Interesting huh?!

  2. The attention to cultural ramifications is really interesting here. I know that’s something I struggle with as a teacher – who do I teach about plagiarism when I don’t know students’ cultural background on the topic?

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