Plagarism and the Internet

As some people have stated, there are two distinct forms of plagiarism, with regard to academic and general informational theft of ideas.  It is interesting to see how educators are becoming more aware of the rising plagiarism problem and ways in which to combat it.  It is also interesting to note that academic plagiarism is not just a problem in the United States, but in other countries as well.  Academic plagiarized is on the rise because there is such a vast amount of information available on subjects, written in various styles which makes it hard to determine if the work is that of a student or not.  Years ago when there were just encyclopedias and pure academic library reference sources available, it was easier to determine what was plagiarized and what was not.

The problem is that the internet has become a forum based upon theft of intellectual property and ideas.  Wether it is movies, music, tv shows, or anything else people pirate and download, it has created this idea that “if it is on the internet I have a right to use it/take it and not get caught”  This seems to have extended into the academic field. 

Social Media has also greatly influenced both academic and non-academic plagiarism, in allowing people to freely post ideas, thoughts, articles, newscasts, etc to their sites, blogs, Facebook pages, etc. with one click of a button..  Some of the forms of media being plagiarized are fueling the problem themselves.


One response to “Plagarism and the Internet

  1. I sometimes wonder if there is more plagiarism or if we are just more aware of it. I worry about teachers who seem more interesting in “combating plagiarism” than in crafting real assignments that are hard to plagiarize in the first place.

    The real issue, in my mind, is about cultural differences in borrowing information. I don’t like to see legitimate “teachable moments” turned into “plagiarism crimes.”

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