Homework for Monday & the Digital Divide

I wanted to draw your attention to the homework for Monday. It is reading two articles (one on BlackBoard, one online), and drafting a brief list. Details are listed on under Monday’s date (4/9) on the blog at this link. Let me know if you have questions.

I’m excited to listen to the projects you completed today. I know that some of you wanted to make your videos even better, but the goal was to introduce you to the software (briefly) and provide a way for you to get your file to me (without crashing your blog or my email, having to buy a USB drive, etc.). You’ll be able to make changes to the video (improve it, or strip it back down to an audio file with one image) when you get to the final website in a few weeks, if you like.

As I mentioned in class, it’s also important to realize that everyone in our class does not have equal access to technology. Some folks are trying to complete projects with on-campus resources, on smart phones, or on friend’s or family’s computers. For this reason, I didn’t want to assign the video out of class in a quick turnaround time. My hope was that the longer time given for the Audacity project allowed those on the steep side of the digital divide more time to navigate those issues.

See you on Monday.


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