Bringing Audacity Files for Class

This is the audacity icon, which is a set of blue headphones with red and yellow "friction" depicted in between (like lightening bolts). The icon is coming out of file folder with sheet music inside.

I was doing a little testing on my computer, and it would appear that the Audacity files for the new version of Audacity (that we are all now using) are no longer self-contained. In order to transfer the file on a flash drive or via email, I had to add both the .aup file, as well as “audio test file_data,” which for yours would be “whatever your file is named_data” and would be a folder.

This may present some challenges for us working with our files in class, unfortunately (unless you test-opened your file). I’ll rework the class plan, but if you can, try to bring both your .aup file, and that “data” folder.

Sorry for the confusion.


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