BlackBoard Updates, Next Steps

I’ve updated BlackBoard with the four handouts from last week, and I’ve included brief notes on how the handouts may be used as you narrow your genre and begin your project. I also provided quick responses to your initial genre ideas on the blog, though most everyone seems aware that they need to narrow.

Please see the Musical Genre Analysis section for specific assignments for tomorrow. I’ll be going over using the recorders and Audacity with a hands-on tutorial, so be sure to bring your recorder and the other items noted on the blog. (We’ll do this together in class, but if you want a preview, look here.)

This week, we’ll talk more about genre critique, learn Audacity, and talk about audio narration. Then you’re off and running on writing your scripts for the Monday after Spring Break, when full scripts are due.

If you have not been passing the reading quizzes, I strongly suggest you revisit the readings, especially on how to do a genre analysis. Please send along any questions or concerns.


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