Brighton, Home Sweet Home

I loved the Brighton comic. I used to live in Brighton with my dad, stepmom and brother until I moved out about a year ago. I can completely relate to this comic because I can visualize what he is talking about. The grain elevators are now water towers, which is walking distance from my house. The River is the South Platte. We used to swim in that river on hot days. The Eaterellita is a real restaurant that I have dined at many times. I loved how this comic brought my back. It made me picture home and be thankful to have experienced a small town like that. Even though there are some areas that aren’t so nice, it definitely is a peaceful and calm environment, except for when the train rolls through.


Brianna Hagaman


One response to “Brighton, Home Sweet Home

  1. I’m glad to see other people enjoyed the Porcellino comic as well! Reading over other students comments I’ve noticed that several disliked it because of its simplistic style of artwork, but in my opinion that’s one of the comic’s strengths. Porcellino’s whole strip is based on his yearning for a simpler life so it seems appropriate that his art style is minimalistic compared to Barry’s. Although I would argue that there is no place that is completely isolated from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas. However I enjoyed his accurate description of Brighton. It seems that Colorado is never featured prominently in a lot of literature (except for On the Road).

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