autism, visual thinking, and multimedia jan 30

As soon as I began reading, Thinking in Pictures, I thought about the many students that I may encounter in my career as a teacher and how many of them are going to have a learning disability such as autism, like the author, and how difficult their schooling experience may be because our (society, in general, and teachers) lack of understanding about learning disabilities. I find it beautiful how Grandin is able to create mental pictures and ideas in her head without having to actually put them down on paper because I am actually the exact opposite! Reading about Grandin’s new design for a new and improved “dip vat” was very interesting; many times she put herself into the cattle’s position and really understood them, which produced compassion and empathy for the cattle, whichnare emotions that not all people are capable of having. It is understandable that many people would question Grandin’s thinking and designs for new equipment because they were so unique, but it further proves the fear that many people have of being wrong or letting a person with a disability do something right, and/or better, but, in fact, a person with autism may very well have much better ideas and layouts because they are able to think about details and

The posts on the blog were amazing, inspiring, and upsetting to read. I really appreciated the pictures on the website because they each told their own story and the stories by them supported them. The posts about how she was treated because of her learning disablity were disturbing. Altogether, both the reading and the blog helped me better understand autism: what it is, who it effects, how people with autism think, and all they have to offer.


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