Autism is a subject I will claim ignorance in from the very beginning. I have to say this from the start so that you will understand where I am coming from. When I was younger my grade school would have us volunteer with special needs children, some of whom were autistic. As a young child I had no idea what made these children act as they did. To be honest, I was afraid. Having no real understanding of what they were going through or why, and whenever I questioned the matter no adult was willing to give me a real answer, I regrettably let fear get the better of me. Since then one of my cousins was born and has been diagnosed with autism. This event caused me to look at autism from an academic standpoint and I began to research the topic. I found that there are many people with autism that I wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference had I not been told. I now began to see autistic people for what they really are; people. The readings we read only continued to further my understanding and help me see better into the world of living with autism. I hope that the progress made into understanding autism will continue. For further research I will suggest this video that really helped me and my understanding.


One response to “Autism

  1. Hi Jake – thanks for the video. I like that it shows the power of communication, though at moments, I was a little troubled by some of the comments (such as the idea that her father had never met Carly if they hadn’t talked). We’re going to watch something similar later in the class, called Autism is a World, and you might like it.

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