A New Perspective: Autism

In the Grandin reading, autism is explored in a way I have not read before. The concept of thinking in images makes a lot of sense in explaining how someone with autism might think versus someone who is more traditionally word associated. Also, if everyone is on a spectrum of visual memory, I think I have much more visual memory than I thought. I have always been told I have a good memory because I can remember all the tiny details of an event, what I was wearing, what someone else was wearing, what the weather was like that day, the mood of the event, etc. Additionally, the concept of association is intriguing to me, and yet again, I noticed a lot of myself in the reading. I do not have autism and everyone thinks differently but it is certainly eye opening to discover that others think like this too. When listening to music I can mentally image the perfect scenario where it would be played, how some songs fit certain moments perfectly. Also, when reading a novel I mentally construct vivid images of the story and characters. This aids in my understanding of the book and makes it easy for me to write and extrapolate about. It is also important to keep the thinking styles of others mind when constructing multimedia documents that speak to all sorts of thinkers and are accessible.


One response to “A New Perspective: Autism

  1. James – I’m glad you could see some of yourself in Grandin’s descriptions. I think when we learn more about autism, it gets harder and harder to talk about us and them.

    That said, we’ll watch a documentary later in the course that shows a different view of autism. I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

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